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About Lancashire Council Of Mosques

Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) was established in 1989 as an umbrella organisation representing Mosques and religious teaching institutions in Lancashire.

The initial establishment was fuelled by a desire to provide a united and uniform platform to promote the needs and aspirations of the county’s Muslim community.

LCM is founded on the principles of serving the communities of Lancashire. Through the support of its affiliated Mosque organisations and its partners, LCM has endeavoured to place the individual and collective needs of the Muslim community firmly on the agenda of all service providers within the catchment area.

The scope of LCM activities covers the varied areas of education and employment, health, crime and antisocial behaviour, media, quality assurance, young people and families.

Through our work we seek to promote an awareness of Islam amongst all communities, as well as foster understanding, better community relations and community cohesion. There is an appreciation that the issues of common concern within the community have to be tackled in a partnership community approach.

LCM believes it has made outstanding progress in the achievement of its broad objectives and will continue to pursue the challenges of the future.

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Line

Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) Anti- Muslim Hate Crime Reporting Line has been developed to encourage the reporting of hate crimes or incidents through a trusted community representative.

The Consortium of Lancashire Madrasahs

The Consortium of Lancashire Madrasahs (CLM) is the training, education and development arm of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, set up to provide a united and progressive platform to raise the standards of Lancashire Madrasahs from a systems perspective.

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